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Journalist and University Lecturer, writing about health, science, tech and pop culture.


  • Aulia Masna

    Aulia Masna

    I used to write about tech and startups in Southeast Asia.

  • Junior meus

    Junior meus

  • Simon Bisson

    Simon Bisson

    Freelance technology journalist, vrai Jerri, and geek. Writing about enterprise, SMB, developer, design and mobile; anywhere, anytime. Email:

  • Tom Fox

    Tom Fox

  • Kathy Houser

    Kathy Houser

  • Orée


    Artisans of emotional technology. We craft a line of memorable tech products with the finest natural materials from our workshop in France (

  • Michael Marshall Smith

    Michael Marshall Smith

    ... and Michael Marshall. Writer of books, sitting-place of cats, tainter of the blank page of purity. Author of INTRUDERS, THE STRAW MEN, and other things.

  • Tim Difford

    Tim Difford

    Social Technology, Collaboration & Innovation.

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